Penny Scryer: Penny Stock Bible Beginners Trade Handbook


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Penny Scryer - Trading Bible, Strategy guide to penny stocks. but not limited to small cap plays. This is a strategy you can use to make money without losing your head. Penny Scryer is a handbook with a strategy to help you maintain focus on the goal of keeping your portfolio nicely balanced with patience. Of course, many people think stock markets is gambling but it does take time and discipline to master the art of trading. To be able to plan a month-to-month risk reward, guidelines are great way to set yourself up for a rewarding income as a full time/PT trader. it will take discipline getting up early and studying the markets consistently, but it will pay off once you figure out your style. Did Babe Ruth become a legend because he quit on the first strike out? It's the same while learning how to trade, with each strike you get closer to home runs, you just need to find your zone. load the bases, and fire that home run rocket. if you can start with 10 plays and work your way to 24 stocks you will be golden, 10 dividend paying stocks, and the rest in whatever. 6 in Options, 6 in stocks or however you see fit. as long as you make 15min. out of the day to monitor what's going on. If you do not have much time on your hands set a GTC order, or just let it ride for a few months and log in to see how its progressing. However, you trade, this Trading Bible will help you remember the goal, and a set up. easy to read no technical sh*t. just a plan and some real talk. Good Luck.