Perfectly Fine Christmas


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Perfectly Fine Christmas is an entertaining coming-of-age holiday fairy tale with a romantic twist that La Jill Hunt's fans are sure to enjoy. "Who says Cinderella is the only one who gets a happily ever after? Shouldn't the fairy godmother get a knight in shining armor too? After all, she's the one with all the magic. Kendall Freeman is a self-assured, full-figured seamstress and aspiring fashion designer who loves Christmas.

Niya Fine, a shy, introverted, plus-size teen, is dealing with the recent loss of her mother.

She's now living with her widowed grandmother, Claudia, an elitist who criticizes Niya's every move.

While Kendall is working hard to make the season bright, planning Christmas parties and whipping up amazing gowns at the boutique where she works, Niya is begging her uncle Reese, the "reprobate" of the family, to spend the holidays with her at his mother's home.

She hopes that will make living there a little less lonely. A twist of fate leads to a unique friendship between Kendall and Niya, and a quest to pursue some family tradition that seems impossible to achieve.

Can Kendall help Niya embrace who she is and help the family rediscover the true meaning of the holiday season? Is there a possibility of finding her own true love in the process?