Port-Au-Miami Part 1: Haitian Boats


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From the publishing group that brought you Zoe Pound Mafia, BOATS Publishing presents a timeless classic based upon the life and trilogy of a Haitian-refugee culture in the U.S.A.

Starting from a place of humble beginnings igniting into a state of rebel redemption, Ali "Zoe" Adam, one of the leaders of the urban legend group pens this urban legend tale from the life and viewpoint about a young Haitian immigrant boy named (Jean), who exiled from Haiti to the shores of Miami with his (Mom) and brother (Pierre).

The money on the trees, thoughts of what America had were lies to Jean and Pierre.

So then Jean and Pierre became rebels to mom's moderate thoughts.

Hooking up with Ricardo (who is Cuban, but tells everyone he's Haitian) who saw the young rebels kill at the immigration center, plus Syco rides the school bus with Jean and Pierre and helps them fight all seven Americans, all instantly become family along with two Haitian friends (Gerald and Crip).

They formulated a young crew known as (Haitian Posse).