Power Trip Part 2


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Skye Lewis has become streetwise and savvy since taking over her boyfriend’s drug empire and dealing with her son’s kidnapping…and she’s going to need all that strength to battle what’s coming next.
Getting her son back is priority number one, but when a confrontation with her son’s abductor ends in bloodshed, Skye tumbles even further into secrets and lies. Her best friend, Victoria, is caught up with her, and it isn’t long before a murder charge threatens to collapse their world. If all that weren’t enough, Skye’s boyfriend is fighting to come back, physically and psychologically, from the coma that may still ruin his life, and the past may prove to be the most dangerous weapon of all.
Skye is on a vicious quest to get answers, as well as revenge, while still preparing for motherhood. Throughout her journey, she'll struggle to remain true to her morals without succumbing to the dangerous lifestyle that she has been sucked into. Secrets are revealed, lies are exposed, and friendships are tested as the dramatic 
Power Trip continues.