Push It To The Limit: A Queen Pin's Story


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On the streets of Houston, Texas, KEEKY, DYMOND and ZHA are three bad to the bone females who get money with the best of them.

But to stay strong in the drug game, it takes a cold heart and quick trigger finger.

Will the feminine trio be equal to the task? Or will the male dominated hustle chew them up and spit them out onto the ground like waste? Along the road to ill-gained riches, the friends quickly find out the drug game is full of snakes, jealousy and heartache.

The higher they ascend, the stronger the treachery becomes.

So when death claims one and love subdues the other, will the heart thumping glitter of the streets continue to sparkle in their eyes? Will friendships survive money, men and murder? Only one thing can overcome so many odds and that's loyalty.

But when they PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT, who will remain loyal to what and to whom?