Quiet Money (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1: 

In the streets, the code of silence is the most important rule to follow.

MERRICK and AMEED honor that to its fullest extent, as they get QUIET MONEY using cleverness and gunplay when necessary. Merrick plays his cards close to the chest, but has a goal to come up.

He just has to find a way to do it without going against his morals. Ameed, on the other hand, is along for the ride.

He's willing to hold his partner down under any circumstance, be it death or destruction, or riches and drama.

With dirty cops, racist Italians, hard luck and envy conspiring to bring them down, will Merrick and his right-hand man succeed? Or will they find themselves facing insurmountable odds?

Book 2:

Everyone is trying to recover from their losses, but MERRICK is out for revenge.

If the Italians think they can get away with the disrespect shown to him, they are about to feel the pressure

Meanwhile, AMEED is forced to take to the streets in order to gain control of Atlanta, and the flow of drugs being distributed throughout the city.

The aim for both men is to get that QUIET MONEY, but their guns might have to clap loud. In the midst of their separate challenges, Merrick finds some type of balance, through a new love and newer loyalties, while Ameed comes close to the edge.

But neither will get the outcome they hope for, because nothing in the streets is ever as it seems.

Book 3:

AMEED takes control of the streets but in doing so, he incurs the wrath of the MOB, who want his head on a platter.

Meanwhile, JUDAH finally discovers the identity of the person who put the hits out on him.

How will he deal with the guilty culprit? MERRICK is still beefing with the Russians.

With everything going on, he's close to the edge, but Merrick's got an ace in the hold, or does he? One way or another, the game is about to get more grimy than ever.

Will Merrick and Ameed continue to get QUIET MONEY? Or will the loud clap of their enemies guns shut everything down?