Raised As a Goon Part 2: Bout Dat Life


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TAURUS thought he had witnessed every kind of cold blooded treachery imaginable until he walked in on his brother and his woman having sex on his living room floor.

The emotions that raged inside of him were volcanic, and he wanted to kill.

Family over everything was supposed to be the code, but what happens when it's put to a serious test? Reeling from the double betrayal, Taurus does what a real man must do.

But those who betrayed him aren't standing on solid principles and his own flesh and blood forces Taurus to make a deadly choice that brings death and destruction into the family's circle.

Complete hell breaks out, and all vows of love are forgotten, but Taurus is intent on holding his family together.

In the midst of immeasurable turmoil, Taurus is forced to master the underworld so his family can bounce back and become the dynasty his father envisioned.

Little does he know.

his older brother, JUICE, is doing all that he can from behind bars to have him killed.

Step into a world where money is thicker than loyalty, and anything goes.

RAISED AS A GOON 2 will cause you nightmares