Raised As A Goon Part 3: Against All Odds


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  This time, the odds are stacked against TAURUS like never before as he goes up against his father and his brother in a mind-twisting battle that will numb your soul.

As soon as K.O.

and JUICE are released from prison, they track down Taurus and snatch out his heart by touching those he love most.

Time and time again, Taurus has proven that he's built to withstand the pressure, but will he be able to defeat the goon that raised him? Or will the young die-hard finally wilt from the heat of semi-automatic bullets? Only a true thinker with an assassin's heart can avoid what's aimed at Taurus, but he just might be the one to do it.

By his side is PRINCESS, his baby mother, whose thirst for revenge will motivate them to go all out against their enemies.

It's been said that God protects those who are good, but when the devil is the man who gave you life, nothing, absolutely nothing is sacred.

When you're RAISED AS A GOON, you either kill or be killed.