Renegade Boys Part 3: The Aftermath


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Order Your Copy Of Renegade Boys Part 3 by Meesha for an inmate today at MAURICIO and SOSA are back, with vengeance on their hearts and blood in their eyes, as they search for the murderers of their family.

They know that the only thing truth and lies have in common is that every secret eventually will come to light.

When that happens, all hell erupts.

FLOYD and his crew are using whatever and whomever they can to get at the brothers.

But The Renegade Boys aren't going down without a fight.

Lives are at stake, trust is tested, and survival is key.

Truth and lies collide and emotions are held too close to the heart.

Repercussions are tragic and heartbreaking.

In a game of life and death, only the strongest will live to see another day in the bloody aftermath.