Renegade Boys (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Part 1

After the sudden and brutal murders of their parents, MAURICIO, SOSA and MAXIMO are left to survive the mean inner city streets of Chicago by any means necessary.

Through a stroke of fate, the brothers are taken in by BIG JIM, one of Chi-Town's most notorious kingpins, and introduced into the unmerciful game of narcotics trafficking. After learning crucial details about what happened to his parents, Mauricio confronts the suspected culprit, stirring up mad conflict in the organization he and his brothers once went hard for. Meanwhile, Maximo is wavering between following his brothers or staying in good graces with Big Jim.

Is it family over everything? Or will he choose not to bite the hand that feeds them? Maximo's decision just might determine life or death for many. Will the Renegade Boys be able to shut down Big Jim's team and take what's rightfully theirs? Or will they have to sacrifice much more than they ever imagined when they collide with a savvy beast who's determined to remain on top?

Part 2

With the death of their comrade, MAXIMO, the RENEGADE BOYS gear up to paint Chicago blood red.

MAURICIO and SOSA take to the streets with their guns blazing as they vow to eliminate everyone involved in his murder. BIG JIM and his crew had no clue who they were dealing with when they went after REESE'S boys.

Now they are about to find out that the young savages didn't come to play with them.

Will Big Jim prove that he's the preeminent body bagger? Or will his murder game wilt under the gun smoke of his rivals? As the bloody drama unfolds, Sosa's mind is on one thing only - murder.

Meanwhile, Mauricio is trying to get his father's empire back up and running, but at what cost? Will he gain a fortune but lose NIJA in the process? Can money and power truly suffice if there's no love to balance a man's life? With death, downfalls, and the penitentiary looming in the background can the Renegade Boys continue their climb to the top? Or will the trappings of the game become their undoing?

Part 3

MAURICIO and SOSA are back, with vengeance on their hearts and blood in their eyes, as they search for the murderers of their family.

They know that the only thing truth and lies have in common is that every secret eventually will come to light.

When that happens, all hell erupts. FLOYD and his crew are using whatever and whomever they can to get at the brothers. But The Renegade Boys aren't going down without a fight. Lives are at stake, trust is tested, and survival is key.

Truth and lies collide and emotions are held too close to the heart.

Repercussions are tragic and heartbreaking. In a game of life and death, only the strongest will live to see another day in the bloody aftermath..