Renegade Boys: Truths Revealed


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Order Your Copy Of Renegade Boys by Meesha for an inmate today at After the sudden and brutal murders of their parents, MAURICIO, SOSA and MAXIMO are left to survive the mean inner city streets of Chicago by any means necessary.

Through a stroke of fate, the brothers are taken in by BIG JIM, one of Chi-Town's most notorious kingpins, and introduced into the unmerciful game of narcotics trafficking.

After learning crucial details about what happened to his parents, Mauricio confronts the suspected culprit, stirring up mad conflict in the organization he and his brothers once went hard for.

Meanwhile, Maximo is wavering between following his brothers or staying in good graces with Big Jim.

Is it family over everything? Or will he choose not to bite the hand that feeds them? Maximo's decision just might determine life or death for many.

Will the Renegade Boys be able to shut down Big Jim's team and take what's rightfully theirs? Or will they have to sacrifice much more than they ever imagined when they collide with a savvy beast who's determined to remain on top?