Restraining Order: Some Men Can't Take No for an Answer


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CHOPPA is the man.

A young, rich, thuggish hustler who has the city on lock.

All he needs is the right woman to come home to.

But life has taught him that women are a pleasure.

They are not to be loved, and they definitely can't be trusted-until he meets her.

JULZ has already been hurt and damn near broken by a man.

Falling in love again is not on her list of things to do.

She's just trying to repair her life in a different city and care for her son.

Damn a man-until she meets him.

Immediately, she is attracted to Choppa's rugged sex appeal and his cocky manner.

Not only does he make her wet, he treats her like a queen.

But everything that glitters ain't gold.

In the middle of a passion that is as hot and as dangerous as an inferno, Julz discovers some things about Choppa that frightens her.

But will he let her walk away? Or will he put her in the same chokehold he has on the drug game? To get away it may take much more than a RESTRAINING ORDER.