Rise to Power: From Idol to Rival


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From a very young age he was a savage in the making, as he robbed and murked his way to a reputation that was both feared and respected in Harlem.

Along the way he loved a few, none more than the woman that gave birth to him.

What KALEB would do for his mother outweighed any type of loyalty he had for those who mentored him in the streets.

If they had to become prey, they became prey, point blank.

When Kaleb's hood idles become his fiercest enemies, will the game chew him up and spit him out? Or will the young hitta RISE TO POWER and show the old heads that it's a new day and age in New York? With his success comes, power, street fame, fast money and beautiful women.

But behind every corner there's a grim reaper waiting to snatch the youngin's life.

Can anyone survive and master the game when there's so many inherent pitfalls along the path? Kaleb believes he can even if he must accumulate a pile of bodies to prove it.