Rise To Power (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1

From a very young age he was a savage in the making, as he robbed and murked his way to a reputation that was both feared and respected in Harlem.

Along the way he loved a few, none more than the woman that gave birth to him.

What KALEB would do for his mother outweighed any type of loyalty he had for those who mentored him in the streets.

If they had to become prey, they became prey, point blank.

When Kaleb's hood idles become his fiercest enemies, will the game chew him up and spit him out? Or will the young hitta RISE TO POWER and show the old heads that it's a new day and age in New York? With his success comes, power, street fame, fast money and beautiful women.

But behind every corner there's a grim reaper waiting to snatch the youngin's life.

Can anyone survive and master the game when there's so many inherent pitfalls along the path? Kaleb believes he can even if he must accumulate a pile of bodies to prove it.

Book 2

On the cold blooded unforgiving streets of New York City, KALEB stands firm on top of the game making one boss move after the next.

Using savagery and sage street knowledge, he accrues a stunning cash flow that most project kids from Harlem can only dream about.

With money and his hood cred illuminating his presence, Kaleb mingles in prestigious circles to acquire the competition's game plan before ruthlessly crushing them and taking over their operations.

This strategy quickly catapults him to the legendary status in the game.

But when a man reaches certain heights, his downfall is being plotted.

Kaleb's RISE TO POWER could be short-lived as the face of envy stalks his latest moves, and then suddenly death strikes

In the midst of the chaos, a woman comes between the boss and his right hand man.

Quickly, friends become warring foes and egos explode with fiery consequences.

With the whole city calling for his demise, and his most trusted men gunning for his head, can Harlem's king protect his throne? Or will the ones he love dig the perfect grave for him?

Book 3

KALEB'S world is spinning.

BUDDY has forcibly snatched up RAYVEN, the woman closest to Kaleb's heart, and the game has just turned graveyard serious.

Things are compounded by more treachery when others in Kaleb's family get kidnapped.

With well strategized attacks threatening to end his reign, will the RISE TO POWER be worth the losses Kaleb will suffer? A'JANI comes to Kaleb's aid, bringing along a ruthless mentality, and a perceived loyalty that is much needed in the battle Kaleb faces to stay alive and in control.

But is A'jani friend or foe? Is his loyalty real? Or does he have a hidden agenda? Kaleb must sift through the ashes of war and try his best to not be burned along with those that he has sworn to protect with his life.

If he fails to navigate the many twist and turns on the road to survival in the world of crime, the result could be an ugly death.