Rotten to the Core Part 3: Survival Of The Richest


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JAYDEN is on a mission to track down NICO, his former right-hand man, and serving him swift and cold street justice.

Once that deadly deed is done, Jayden can focus on leading the infamous "Philly Shooters" to prominence.

Along the way, he will encounter fatal resistance that stretches from Philadelphia to Atlanta. When the war reach the Dirty South, Jayden finds his back against the wall and must search deep within himself to overcome and escape the wrath of his many enemies.

But who can he trust to hold him down and bust their guns at his side? Soon, greed and betrayal outweighs loyalty and the imminent downfall of a magnetic street king lurks around every corner.

Will the weight of it all be too much for Jayden to bare? Will he break down and fold? Or will the young Philly king remain ROTTEN TO THE CORE and prevail against all odds?