Ruthless Hearts (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1

TABATHA GREENE is a young, talented and sexy federal agent who's playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Her rise in the ranks of the Feds puts her on a collision course with the most conniving, ruthless and deadly criminals.

Tabatha has neither fear nor mercy, but things are about to change.

KENNETH FREEMAN is a man who lives and thrives among those with the most RUTHLESS HEARTS.

Killing is his forte and anybody can get it

What will pop off when Kenneth and Tabatha's paths cross? Will their animal-like desire for each other fuel love or war? Will Kenneth and Tabatha murder side by side? Or will their bullets be aimed at each other's heads?

Book 2

Murder, sex, and loyalty takes on a whole new meaning to TABITHA when ANGEL enters the fray.

From the streets of New Jersey to the Sune compound in Beijing, China, MALICE, TRENT, Angel and Tabitha find themselves fighting in a dangerous war on unfamiliar grounds.

SAKI PO is bound to a deadly clan by a blood oath that cannot be broken without severe penalty.

This alignment will bring out the RUTHLESS HEARTS of men and women in a deathly waltz.

Plans get compromised when emotions become much too strong to ignore.

Will the outcome be fatal? Or will the crew live to enjoy the fruits of their deeds?

Book 3

JENNIFER is out for revenge against her ex-lover and his family.

Using every ounce of her power and persuasion, she is determined to bring them all down to their knees, but one mistake just might turn the tables against her.

After learning of Jennifer's assassination attempt on his family, SUN sits with The Elders as he seeks advice and permission to retaliate with supreme vengeance.

Can Jennifer withstand the wrath that she has created? Sun and his clan invade New Jersey on a blood mission that will leave no doubt of the price one must pay when taking on RUTHLESS HEARTS under Blood Moon.