Sandbag Training Bible


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Simple in design, sandbags are the most challenging and versatile training tool around.

By requiring users to utilize grip strength as well as primary and stabilizer muscles, the exercises in this book tap the power of sandbags for a full body workout that reshapes the entire physique.

Contains over 100 step-by-step exercises and 250 photos, this book is the complete guide to sandbag workouts for any fitness goal, including weight loss, muscle building, and overall toning.

The author provides information on the best brands to purchase, how to make a sandbag at home, and ways to modify them to fit personalized needs.

Progressing from basic lifts with light bags to advanced, multi step exercises that strengthen often-ignored muscles like the forearms, lats, and quads, the author systematically introduces exercises that efficiently strengthen every section of the body.

Thanks to the comprehensive program in this book, home athletes of any body type can get a complete full-body workout in minutes from their own living room or backyard with fast, impressive results.