Scarred Knuckles Part 2


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Scarred Knuckles Part 2 is the continuation of Scarred Knuckles, focusing on the aftermath of Mercy Bondz's murder at the hands of two heartless gunmen.

After Beysik Bonds was shot by gung-ho MPD Detective Sadd, his older brother, Noeekol Bonds, current light heavyweight MMA tristate champion, beat the detective within inches of his life.

For the beating, Noeekwol was sent to prison, where his loyalty lands him in a hot situation with the heads of the prison gangs.

In the free world, Beysik recovers from his gunshot wounds nicely.

Upon being released from the hospital, he is forced to quickly regain control of his deceased father's criminal empire.

Helped by his girlfriend, Byte, and his brother's girlfriend, Heaven, he is forced to cut ties with a longtime friend who is blinded by greed and power.

Due to Sadd's forced early retirement, detective Tabitha Allison has to continue working the growing homicide case load alone.

Eager and overworked Tabitha makes a deadly move that lands her with weeks of free time on her hands.

The detective uses that time to heal and look deeper into the Bondz murder cases.

Tabitha is pushed into working with Beysik by a scheming hitman, Slim, who takes each of their loved ones in the hopes it will force the detective to drop her case against Slim's partner, Fame, and collect a little cash from the young boss.

Scarred Faces, as always, is filled with all the hot drama you need from an urban book.

Someone will die, someone will live, and someone will end up with scarred faces.