She Belongs To Me


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Born on the east side of Baltimore City, Jazelle Willis, AKA Jelly, learns the hard way about the fast life and all the broken promises it has to offer. As she fights through the turmoil between her best friends and herself, Jazelle is determined to please Big Linx, one of the city's largest kingpins, by any means necessary. Big Linx is loved by many, hated by few, and respected by all. He falls in love with Jazelle at first sight, losing track of his agenda. But Jazelle wants it all and is dead set on having it. She uses her body to get what she wants, trying to establish the stability she feels she deserves. She has nothing to lose and the world to gain. Will she get all that she desires or is she in way over her head? Things get further complicated when a senseless murder during the Memorial Weekend holiday sets off a domino effect. Love, loyalty, and trust are tested throughout this twisting, turning, explosive hood tale. Jazelle is given an ultimatum: Can she live with it or will she die from it?