Shoe Box Money


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When Domeko's mother Dorothy is blindsided by a severe illness, it renders her incapable of being able to adequately provide for Domeko and his twin sister Dameka, any longer.

Thus Domeko concocts a plan for quick and sufficient, funds.

All of which he finds in the drug game.

Dameka offers to assist her brother in his new business venture.

A decision she struggles with at first, but eventually comes to accept after her mother Dorothy's passing.

As the two siblings continue amassing a small fortune for themselves, their activity begins to draw the ire of Milwaukee's criminal underworld.

A circumstance that quickly becomes problematic.

With the brother and sister team gaining new enemies seemingly by the day, Domeko is forced to set in motion a new, multi-pronged strategy.

One designed to crush his rivals, and protect his sister from an untimely demise.