Sins of a Thug: God Forgives, I Don't.


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Every man has transgressions, but TROY has done the unimaginable.

Thus, he has major battles to overcome.

Where others found love, Troy found emptiness from his sins.

With his woman by his side, she is the only one that has forgiven the SINS OF A THUG. Having endured harsh lessons in the cold, hard streets, will Troy face his demons that he has been trying to escape for so long? Or will he have to face the cold-hearted truth that has been chasing him for years. Troy values the respect from the hood, but in seeking it will he lose something much more important? With his main hitta by his side, will the tears he causes others lesson the pain he carries inside? One thing for certain, Troy's true enemies will be revealed.

And when they are, he may never forgive anyone again.