Sins of the 7Eventh


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Scandal, romance and conviction-all in one mixing pot. Galvin Chambers is a professional athlete who feels all three emotions haunting him at the same time. Now finding himself torn between love and selfishness, he is left with no choice. Galvin decided he can no longer hide who he really is, and what it is he really wants in his life to feel complete. After three beautiful years of marriage, Galvin finally asks his wife, Spirit Ayers for a divorce to pursue his true love, Kim Donaldson, not taking for granted that Kim is married with two children. During the course of finding himself and finding love, Galvin adds yet another relationship in the theroy of dejected recovery. Putting his championship season on the line to chase a ring off the court becomes his only plan to sustain satisfaction. Will Galvin Chambers get what he so ultimately desires, or will his sins find a way to keep him convicted forever?...Find out the truth in, Sins Of The 7eventh, just why thou shall not commit adultery....