Ski Mask Cartel: Money Over Loyalty


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In the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois, also known as Chiraq, the SKI MASK CARTEL is robbing and murdering everything moving, while laying their claim as the coldest clique to ever walk the streets.

RACINE, is the type of savage who robs and kills to provide for his loved ones.

While his cousin, TEZ, is strictly about the body count and the paper, and all of the prestige that comes with making other boss hustlers lay down.

As the crew's riches pile up, the time-worn devils, greed, deceit and the battle over a woman rear their ugly heads.

Racine is no punk, but is he truly built to go up against RAYJON, the ruthless leader of the murderous gang? Is money and the love of a woman worth a man's life? Sometimes it is