Ski Mask Cartel Part 3: The Price of Greed


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RACINE thought getting shot up was the worst pain he could ever experience until he watched his mother get viciously murdered.

Still reeling from that brutal event, he must now deal with the kidnapping of his beloved daughter.

His nemesis, RAYJON, demands an absurd ransom for the return on Racine's little princess, a sum that the new king of the Ski Mask Cartel will be hard pressed to come up with.

Will Racine give in to his tormentor's demands? Or will he go after him with grit, guns and guile? Racine will do anything to get his baby girl back before it's too late, but to ensure her safe return, he must outwit Rayjon and survive the many killas that want his crew dead and gone.

When the ski masks come off and true identities are revealed, who will be the baddest of the bad and live to tell the story of what jealousy and greed does to even the most invincible crew?