Slaughter Gang: Grind Mode


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In Albany, Georgia, the city dubbed THE GOOD LIFE, the SLAUGHTER GANG reigns supreme.

With criminal tentacles that reach as far as Boston, Massachusetts, LIL WILL, DINK, TEDDY AND BEE set out to place a stronghold on the game, but no lofty street dream comes without opposition and peril. The Slaughter name is synonymous with money, violence and respect.

Will the streets bow to their reputation or will guns clap in defiance to the power moves the brothers try to execute on their rise to the top? Like a jungle, the game is full of deadly beasts, snakes and prey.

This time, the enemy is as powerful as its foe.

When the battle for supremacy intensifies, can Will and his brothers live up to their reps? Or will they be surmounted by an unforeseen predator whose power cannot be suffocated?