Slaughter Gang Part 2: G Shyt


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The SLAUGHTER GANG is in full effect

LIL WILL and his crew are handling business like true money-getters, but the hate game is growing stronger by the day, threatening to derail them from monopolizing the game.

When the snakes come out in full force, Lil Will must make a move that could bring the empire down if it's not executed with precision and power.

Blood gets spilled in order to reinforce the family's reign.

But when the enemy strikes back with equal force, The Slaughter boys will be tested like never before.

This time, they just might cave in.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to him, Lil Will's wife, MACHUMU, is quietly putting in work.

A gangsta in her own right, Machumu's calculating and vicious deeds, that were meant to help her husband, could precipitate his demise.