Snitching: The Streets Are Fair Game But The Game Has Never Been Fair


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SNITCHING IS WHAT THE GOVERNMENT HAS PERPETUATED AS A MEANS TO SOLVE CRIMES AND ALLOW CRIMINALS TO ESCAPE SENTENCES THAT THEY MAY VERY WELL DESERVE. THIS BOOK IS ABOUT HOW THE STREET GAME HAS NEVER BEEN FAIR. THIS IS THE GUIDE TO HOW IT GOES DOWN. For years the government has afforded criminals the opportunity to race other criminals to the finish line of freedom. It’s a game of who can get their attention first as a means to avoid doing long prison terms. The court system is filled with men sitting in the tombs and county jails waiting for their turn to get a better deal and make someone else’s life a living hell. Once upon a time snitching was a shameful act. The abnormal has now become the norm. The government perpetuates this act of betrayal. Times have changed. So, who’s really to blame?