Son of a Dope Fiend: My Story, Written in Blood


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MESSIAH didn't choose the streets, the streets chose him.

Being the SON OF A DOPE FIEND didn't make life easy for him, but his drug addicted mother definitely schooled him on the ways of women.

The rest of the game was taught to him by MAXWELL, a street savvy hustler with supreme knowledge of life.

Equipped with the mind of a hustla and the heart of a savage, all it took for the youngin' to soar was a boss chick by his side.

The moment he met JUSTICE, a Trinidadian beauty who knew her worth, nothing could deny Messiah his rightful place in the game.

As the soulmates ascend to the top, money, women, and jealousy shake their foundation.

Can their bond survive the missteps that comes with the griminess of the streets? Will Messiah remain true to the one who is true to him? Or will Justice be driven to cross him? When his high level of success brings about many dangerous adversaries, Messiah must react with intelligence and cold-blooded finality in order to protect his assets and his kingdom.

But will he have enough power to withstand the heavy artillery that's been mounted up to bring him down?