Son of A Gunna Book 1: Shots Fired


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Never has there been a street novel more vividly told than the way Robert George III puts it down in "Son of A Gunna.

"The story of three nephews who struggle to put their claim down in the drug infested and murderous streets of Winter Haven, Florida.

Hoping to save the street legacy their Uncle Pistol left behind, before the Feds took him down.

Bu t no matter how hard they try, their competition isn't let ting up as they stir up a beef that only bloodshed could settle.

Nobody knows Pistol is about to be released after doing almost nine years, but is it too late to save his nephews? Or are they too far gone? There's only one way to find out.

Robert George III expertly takes you on a journey you'll never forget through his first installment of the "Son of A Gunna" series where drugs, fast money , murder, and bad bitches is the everyday norm.

I hope you don't have anything else to do because once you turn the first page I guarantee you're going to miss every appointment