Son of A Gunna Part 3: Grave Real - Estate


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Son Of A Gunna "Until The Death Of Us" The smoke haven't had a chance to clear.

So much has happened in only a few days time.

Darrell, who witnessed his brother's kidnapping, was caught red handed on video killing two of the kidnappers in his attempt to rescue Meat-Meat.

War with the Haitian's seemed to be a success.

Their leader Re'nard was dead, and the streets of Winter Haven, Florida was back open for the taking.

Pistol had set up an emergency meeting back at Ma Mary's only to realize the war they thought was over had just begun...Ma Mary had been killed.

They found her with her head cut off.

Couldn't nothing on earth stop the wrath of what was about to happen next as Pistol and his nephews set out to avenge Ma Mary's death.

But in the shadows of the dark, there was an evil lurking that was determined to make things worse for them as Poppi set out his own devious plans to avenge his son's death, and take back control of the streets he vowed to let go of.

This is a must read.

Robert George III continues to prove why he's the greatest story teller of his time.

Follow him to see what will happen, and who will submerge from this story of DECEIT, REVENGE, AND COLD BLOODED MURDER.

The streets have never been more vividly portrayed until now