Soul of a Monster Part 2: The Devil’s Humor


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THE SOUL OF A MONSTER never sleeps.DOLLAR knows this better than anyone; therefore, he sleeps with one eye open, while expecting karma to strike coldly and without mercy.

But nothing he anticipates can prepare him for the return of his ex.Faced with the complications of old love intruding on his new life, Dollar finds himself in a situation that his years as one of the world's deadliest hitters didn't prepare him for.

How does he forgive? How could his estranged wife forget? And where is his new wife's seat at the table of dysfunction?The cold blooded assassin is forced to feel emotions he didn't know existed, and that's more dangerous than trying to corner a wounded animal.HONEY is his future, and KATIE is his past, but the lines get blurred with drama that could have deadly consequences.