Spanish José: The Come Up


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This is unlike any other story you have ever heard before. From the come up in the beginning to the mind-blowing ordeal that's revealed at the end. Follow me as I paint the picture of one of the greatest and youngest street pharmacist of our generation.

Welcome to the gritty streets of Wilmington, Delaware where all hope is lost and the only role model for the kids to follow behind is the local bricklayers.

José Valdez and his squad were your typical block hustlers with the typical street dream. That was until a sudden turn of events placed not only José but his whole team in a position of power!

With money comes power but it also breeds envy. Even when love is shown, families are fed, and money is no longer an issue, you must remember that death is always near.

Drugs, sex, money, and mayhem will define this roller coaster ride of a story. Love, hate, drama, suspense, and excitement will explain why Spanish José is a must have in your personal urban library.