Start Your Own Green Business


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Gain the Eco-Advantage in Today's Business World!Do you have a go green or go home attitude? If so, you've got the right outlook for today's business world. Discover how to establish your business as a green business-starting at the ground level, and starting now! From helping you explore environmentally-friendly opportunities to choosing eco-friendly means of production, our experts take you step by step, and show you how to protect our planet while building your business. Learn business basics with a green twist including financing, office setup, day-to-day operations and so much more! Discover your business and your green competitive edge. Create a sustainable business model-no matter what business you choose. Get funding from green lenders. Manage your company's carbon footprint. Incorporate practical and innovative, earth-friendly solutions at every stage. Establish an environmentally responsible business culture Use effective marketing to capture customers and keep them coming back. And more Plus, gain innovative insights, ideas, and concepts from 22 successful green businesses! Take the high road to success-start your green business today!