Supreme And Justice


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Family, comes full circle

Twin brothers Supreme and Justice entered this world under unfortunate circumstance.

The death of their drug-addled mother during her pregnancy, resulted in the two quickly being funneled into foster care after birth.

Both would later be adopted into very 'different' circumstances.

Supreme landed with a friendly upper class white family.

While Justice was taken in by a frighteningly abusive woman who was already guardian to two other foster children.

Justice had every reason to grow up to become a monster, which is exactly what happened.

Supreme meanwhile had everything a kid could want growing up...

materialistically and emotionally.

Except due to being raised within this rich, white suburban construct.

There was always a part of him that felt disconnected.

That changes when he meets a beautiful, street smart young woman.

From there he eventually falls prey to the lure of the streets.

Gaining the nickname 'Preme' and connecting with a local drug lord.

Their lives up to this point, have now put these estranged brothers on not just two contrasting quests for respect.

But a dangerous collision course as well

Can anything save them from a fate worse than death?