Supreme And Justice (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1

Family, comes full circle

Twin brothers Supreme and Justice entered this world under unfortunate circumstance.

The death of their drug-addled mother during her pregnancy, resulted in the two quickly being funneled into foster care after birth.

Both would later be adopted into very 'different' circumstances.

Supreme landed with a friendly upper class white family.

While Justice was taken in by a frighteningly abusive woman who was already guardian to two other foster children.

Justice had every reason to grow up to become a monster, which is exactly what happened.

Supreme meanwhile had everything a kid could want growing up... materialistically and emotionally.

Except due to being raised within this rich, white suburban construct.

There was always a part of him that felt disconnected.

That changes when he meets a beautiful, street smart young woman.

From there he eventually falls prey to the lure of the streets.

Gaining the nickname 'Preme' and connecting with a local drug lord.

Their lives up to this point, have now put these estranged brothers on not just two contrasting quests for respect.

But a dangerous collision course as well

Can anything save them from a fate worse than death?

Book 2

Twin brothers Supreme and Justice have both become embroiled in their own separate battles for street supremacy.

The former (Supreme), just received a "major" promotion in the drug game.

One that will earn him a substantial new flow of capital.

But just as his "kingpin stock" starts to rise...

a septet of persistent enemies form an alliance to orchestrate his downfall.

Meanwhile the latter (Justice), narrowly avoids an impromptu meeting with death.

When a jack-move aimed at him fails, albeit barely.

With loyalties in question, and the architect of the strike against Justice now hunting for those closest to him.

The young gangster is forced to severe ties until the issue is resolved.

Will both siblings survive their latest conflict? Or will they fall to the bullet like many before them?

Book 3

After a botched attempt on his life nearly kills his twin brother, crime Kingpin Justice is out for blood.

Seething about both the assassination attempt itself and its near-fatal result, he swears to hunt down and eliminate those responsible.

A task easier said than done.

His list of enemies reads like a phone book.

Even if he were to eventually close in on the guilty party, using every resource at his disposal.

Justice or those closest to him, could be pushing up daisies long before payback is properly dished out.

Thus, the gangster contracts an outside hit squad to promptly find and kill the assassins.

As these outsiders turn the streets into a killing field in the process of completing their mission, they draw the ire of a secretive group of well-funded, rogue vigilantes.

Who see the band of killers as a symptom of the much larger disease of organized crime.