Tears Of A Gangsta: Inside These Walls


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The government has finally captured the notorious JASON VOORHEEZE of the Wolfpack.

They think locking him up will end his violent nature.

But in California's concrete jungle known as "Gladiator School", due to its high level of violence, Voorheeze becomes more vicious than before.

Corrupt correctional officers have a gang of their own.

What will happen when they collide with a young, ruthless killer who has nothing to lose? Will Voorheeze get murdered and left in a cell like discarded trash? Or will he prove to be a problem that's much too difficult to solve? With blood on his hands and anger in his heart, Voorheeze takes on killers with badges and cold-hearted convicts.

But his biggest challenge is the man he sees in the mirror, himself.

Will self reflection lead to TEARS OF A GANGSTA? Or will Voorheeze's soul remain hardened and unchanged?