Tears Of A Gangsta Part 2: High Risk Parole


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After causing major trouble in a lower-level security prison, the young, notorious JASON VOORHEEZE is sent to Pelican Bay, one of the most violent and infamous prisons in the United States.

Here, Voorheeze will encounter true killers who have nothing to live for and they will murder over the slightest sign of disrespect.

Will Voorheeze survive on Pelican Bay's deadly A-Yard? Or will his name be added to the long list of convicts who lost their lives in this concrete Hell? No matter the outcome, win or lose, Voorheeze is intent on making the other cons respect his gangsta.

And he's willing to shed blood to do so.

Meanwhile, T'RIDA is counting on Voorheeze to survive so that when he is released from prison, they can build the organization they envisioned.

But when the unexpected happens, the TEARS OF A GANGSTA will flow hard and long, and a young man's soul will turn cold.