Tears Of A Hustler Part 4: You've Been Warned


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Tears of a Hustler 4 picks up right where Part 3 left off...

The Spades are a new powerful organization out to clean up the streets and put an end to drug dealing and crime in the community.

The Spades leader, a dangerous man that goes by the name Wolf won t rest until his mission of cleaning up the streets and making the community a nice safe place to live is accomplished, but standing in his way is Pauleena and her deadly crew of killers and dealers.

Pauleena is all about her money and could care less about Wolf or The Spades.

With each side not willing to budge or come to a compromise a long trail of blood is sure to be left behind once the gun smoke clears...

You've been warned

Join Silk White as he takes you on another ride that you wont forget.