The Boss Man's Daughters Part 3: Queens of Destruction


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When the impossible happens, the game changes, and the Walker sisters, FREEDOM, ANGEL and DESTINY are out to make the world shiver at the sounds of their heels clicking and their guns clacking.

FATHER GOD was larger than life.

He was thought to be untouchable, but one woman did what many men couldn't- she brought him down and placed him inside of a casket.

Now the only question remaining is how hard will the girls go after their beloved father's killer, considering it's their mother? With THE BOSS MAN'S DAUGHTERS, no injustice to their daddy goes unpunished.

But for the very first time there just might be a chink in the chain the holds their loyalty to each other intact.

Did losing Father God make them lose themselves? Or will they bury their grief and rock the world to its core in the name of Love, Hate and Revenge?