The Boss Man's Daughters Part 5: The End of an Era


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After many heart wrenching trials and tribulations, storms of bullets, puddles of blood and incalculable murder and mayhem, The Walker sisters are finally united again with all scores settled.

The only thing left for them to do is fade into the night and live happily ever after.

But in their convoluted world of deadly mischief, a happy ending will be hard to come by.

 ROYAL's treachery stands in the way of familial harmony, and this time the enemy the women face is one with their same bloodline.

When FATHER GOD's seeds declare war on one another, the earth will tremble and the Devil will reveal his face.

 When a young man wants, at all costs, what he does not deserve, sometimes it is women who stand in the way of his illogical thirst for power and prosperity.

THE BOSS MAN'S DAUGHTERS have been reared to withstand the coldest moves of aggression, but never before have they had to spill the blood of their own father's child.

When the moment of truth arrives, will they remain calculating and savage? Or will THE FINAL CHAPTER be their epitaph?