The Cost of Loyalty Part 2: Blood Bath


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After a deadly bank heist and JUAN-JUAN's ultimate sacrifice, J-BO escapes with a trunk full of money and a guilty conscious.

But an unexpected chain of events will change his plans in a way he could've never imagined, and bags full of dough can't prevent it. Meanwhile, FAT-CAT is seated on the throne with the city in his palms, and D-WUB is on a murderous manhunt for fortune and fame.

As he masterminds a move that will place the Wolf Pack in a position of power, one of his men sparks a grisly war that's unlike anything the city has ever witnessed. Not to be outdone, CIARA, with ice in her veins and the body of a video vixen, is determined to run up a check before migrating to the Big Apple.

But a crucial mistake suddenly puts her life at risk and she becomes involved in a war where rules are nonexistent and mercy is shown to no one. As the body count rise and the treachery deepens, hearts are broken and shocking secrets are revealed.

In this explosive sequel of war and deception, the stakes have gone up and so has THE COST OF LOYALTY