The Cost of Loyalty Part 3: My Brother's Keeper


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After being tried and convicted for his role in a vicious robbery-homicide, J-BO is moments away from death by lethal injection.

The only person that can save him from execution is the man he once swore to destroy. After a miraculous recovery, TERRY JONES has proven his loyalty to JUAN-JUAN.

But, while dealing with deep regret, Terry attempts to attain redemption in a way that may cost him his life. Meanwhile, FAT-CAT and D-WUB are basking in the glory of success when loyalty lures them into a notorious gang war.

With nothing to gain, but everything to lose, can these rivals reach a truce before four pounds of pressure ignites a reoccurring blood bath? As bonds are betrayed and lives are altered in ways unimaginable, one of the characters will learn that THE COST OF LOYALTY can come at a deadly price.