The Cost of Loyalty (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1

In a world where greed outweighs loyalty and trust is lent to no one, JUAN-JUAN and J-BO share an uncommon bond that defines the meaning of true friendship.

Deeply scarred by their similarly troubled childhoods, the inseparable friends become allies who vow to watch over each other until they reach the top or until their bodies are traced in chalk.

Unleashed onto the cannibal-like streets where killing becomes second nature and hustling is necessary for survival, the duo attempts to reach a level of success in the game that's reserved for only a chosen few.

To reach such a lofty height, hearts will be broken, blood will be shed, and tears will stain the faces of many.

Can Juan-Juan's loyalty to his homie withstand all of the traps that threaten to break their bond? Will J-Bo's love for his partna remain concrete when money and drama, women and catastrophe is thrown into the fray? Meanwhile, one of them is harboring a mind-blowing secret, while the other will encounter a situation where he is forced to make the hardest decision of his life.

When THE COST OF LOYALTY becomes more than any man should be asked to bear, will these hardened gangstas honor the code, or will they fold under the pressure?

Book 2

After a deadly bank heist and JUAN-JUAN's ultimate sacrifice, J-BO escapes with a trunk full of money and a guilty conscious.

But an unexpected chain of events will change his plans in a way he could've never imagined, and bags full of dough can't prevent it.

,Meanwhile, FAT-CAT is seated on the throne with the city in his palms, and D-WUB is on a murderous manhunt for fortune and fame.

As he masterminds a move that will place the Wolf Pack in a position of power, one of his men sparks a grisly war that's unlike anything the city has ever witnessed. Not to be outdone, CIARA, with ice in her veins and the body of a video vixen, is determined to run up a check before migrating to the Big Apple.

But a crucial mistake suddenly puts her life at risk and she becomes involved in a war where rules are nonexistent and mercy is shown to no one. As the body count rise and the treachery deepens, hearts are broken and shocking secrets are revealed.

In this explosive sequel of war and deception, the stakes have gone up and so has THE COST OF LOYALTY.

Book 3

After being tried and convicted for his role in a vicious robbery-homicide, J-BO is moments away from death by lethal injection.

The only person that can save him from execution is the man he once swore to destroy. After a miraculous recovery, TERRY JONES has proven his loyalty to JUAN-JUAN.

But, while dealing with deep regret, Terry attempts to attain redemption in a way that may cost him his life. Meanwhile, FAT-CAT and D-WUB are basking in the glory of success when loyalty lures them into a notorious gang war.

With nothing to gain, but everything to lose, can these rivals reach a truce before four pounds of pressure ignites a reoccurring blood bath? As bonds are betrayed and lives are altered in ways unimaginable, one of the characters will learn that THE COST OF LOYALTY can come at a deadly price.