The Demise of Alexis Vancamp & The Demise of Alexis Vancamp Part 2 (2) Book Bundle


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The Demise of Alexis Vancamp

Twenty-four-year-old Alexis Vancamp has the world at her feet.

She is young, beautiful, educated and adored by her family, fiancé and friends.  Just when she thinks her life is set, in walks sexy, thugged-out Santana.

A dangerous man with a dark secret, a past and a plan: To get Alexis under his thumb.  Despite the warnings from the people around her, Alexis finds herself drawn to this man, who is no good for her and leads her down a destructive path.

To have him means to lose everything.

None of this bothers Alexis as long as she has him in her world.  Santana turns her away from her family and friends.

Alexis's sheltered life dissipates as she finds herself wrapped up in deceit, violence, lies and trouble with the law.  Despite losing almost everything, Alexis refuses to let Santana go.  A secret is revealed that will blow Alexis away.

But will she let him go before it's too late?  

The Demise of Alexis Vancamp 2

After becoming involved with sexy, thugged-out Santana, good girl Alexis Vancamp followed him down a destructive path that landed her behind bars.

Five years later, her case is overturned, and she is released from prison. Now mature, humble, and newly reformed, Alexis goes back to her hometown, trying to get past the death of someone dear to her.

She wants to do the hard work of rebuilding her life and repairing the relationships with her family, friends, and the church.

Determined to right all the wrong she has done, Alexis vows not to give up. When things seem like they are headed in the right direction, Santana reemerges with a vicious plan to finish where he left off.

This means causing destruction to Alexis and all she loves.

Secrets are revealed about Alexis's mother and her relationship with Santana's father that blow Alexis away.

Lives are lost, and Alexis, framed by Santana, finds herself back in prison.

Will she be able to escape the madness he brings this time, or will he destroy her for good?