The Dopeman's Bodyguard Part 2: Consequences & Repercussions


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The assassination of KING RICH leaves BABY BOY in the position of power.

His first order of business as the head of his father's empire is to recover the shipment of drugs that were hijacked.

Will Baby Boy discover that the culprits of that betrayal are people right within the ranks? DIABOLIC wants to brutally execute all guilty parties, with no regard.

To his surprise, Baby Boy decides to give the culprits a chance to make amends, but only under conditions that might be worse than death.

Will Baby Boy's decision come back to haunt him? Will Diabolic be able to sit back and let things unfold as they may? Will the thieves lives truly be spared? Or will their violation earn them the uncontrollable wrath of THE DOPE MAN'S BODYGUARD?