The Dopeman's Bodyguard: Righteous Kill


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KING RICH has the juice on the streets.

His name resonates power, respect and fear.

But will he have the same credentials when he finds himself behind bars, surrounded by wolves who want his head? LATRELL, THE DOPE MAN'S BODYGUARD, is just as savage in prison as he is on the streets.

When vicious convicts test the boss, will Latrell execute them with extreme prejudice? Or, without a gun on his hip, will his murder game suffer , leaving King Rich to fend for himself? With the vast riches he's amassed from the game, freedom is just one wise move from King Rich's grasp.

But will the streets still belong to him when he returns? Will Latrell be able to help him reclaim his throne? Or will they both be undone by Latrell's bond with a woman who's love for another man is unconditional? Meanwhile, the game becomes even more muddled as others lurk in the darkness waiting for the perfect opportunity to touch King Rich in a manner that could prove swift and debilitating.