The Dreamer's Dictionary


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With over over 1 million copies sold, this "admirable" dictionary is the  result of years of research, packaged in an easy-to-use guide telling you how to distinguish the four types of dreams, identify dream symbols, and understand meanings (New York Times).Dreams-they belong to our most intimate experiences.

In dreams, our memories, the events of the day, and our fears and expectations for the future mingle in strange and baffling ways to challenge our understanding.

Now this amazingly complete, alphabetically arranged bedside reference-the result of years of meticulous research through ancient and modern sources-offers clear, authoritative, and instant insight into the astonishing meaning of your dreams. Did you dream : Flowers?... If they were fresh, expect a happy occasion.


If you were at the wheel, watch your wallet


If you didn't like the show, beware of insincere friends.


If it was scented, you'll find happiness in love.