The Fetti Girls Part 3: Til My Last Breath


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THE FETTI GIRLS' audacious leader, BLACQUE BARBEE, is up against her strongest test yet, and the outcome seems all but destined. With the odds stacked against her, and a sentence of life in prison hanging over her head, will the most savage chick of them all find a way out of this predicament? Blacque Barbee's man, COREY, is still missing.

With no one to hold her down, the game begins to close in on her.

Can Barbee escape the long arms of justice, or will KARMA, the baddest bitch on the planet, finally bring her to her knees? Meanwhile, after uncovering the truth behind DRE'S inability to leave his wife, SIERRA must decide if he's worth the fight or if she should let go. Walking away is far too easy, but staying could cost Sierra her last breath and the life of her unborn child. In this powerful final installment, each page will leave you gasping for air as every question gets answered emphatically.