The Ghetto Sopranos: Rise of the Family


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Justice Blaylock, The man, The power, The money. Follow the tale of "The Ghetto Sopranos" and feel the rise of the family as Justice becomes the new Godfather to the streets of Providence Rhode Island. Learn the 21 laws to street power and the rise to success as bloodshed becomes necessary to gain the respect in the Ghetto Streets. The death of a young man's father who leaves him the basics of the game becomes a mystery or is it murder? Follow Justice as he puts together an organization that becomes as powerful as any Mafia family has ever known. Watch as his best friend from childhood (Odell Brox the brains), and a neighborhood girl (Terris, the muscle) team up to bring new life to the streets and become The Ghetto Sopranos. Rise of the Family is the first book to the Ghetto Soprano's series. "Six Laws to Power" will be due to be released early 2011.