The Good Life Part 3: A New Generation


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Wink was a drug dealer with a thirst for the good life and a drive to succeed.

Now that he is no longer on the streets, is his son headed along the same path? All his life, young Saw listened to his mom tell him how much he looked like and acted like Wink, the man she claimed was his father.

Wink was a hood legend who ran the city in the late eighties and early nineties.

Saw's mother is convinced that he too will end up in a cell beside his father and grandfather-both doing life in the feds. Saw never met Wink since he's been in prison for twenty years, but even if he wasn't locked up, there's no guarantee he would act like a father to Saw.

The only proof of Saw's paternity is his mother's own word, which is questionable.

As far as Saw is concerned, the streets are his daddy, they raised him, and the only resemblance he shares with the notorious Wink is his thirst for the good life.